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A penchant for travel, a desire to explore and a passion for roaming the untamed wilderness inspired gorgeous freelance textile designer Sharnee Thorpe to created her new label Wandering Folk. And I’m so totally in love with her picnic rugs! Wandering Folk’s aesthetic is a clashing of influences rich in texture, adorned with tassels and bold in pattern, designed for those who yearn to wander free. The rugs have a beautifully detailed printed topside made of durable cotton canvas, while the under side is made of a waxed canvas so you can lay it on any surface. They are so amazing! So from the tops of mountains to the sandy shores, let us go on a adventure, let us go and have a picnic…

But first have a look at the interview I did with the lovely Sharnee about her new label Wandering Folk:

Who are you and where do you call home?

I grew up in a small coastal town close to Byron Bay, Australia. I currently live in a beachside apartment in Bondi, Sydney where I run a successful print design business out of my studio over looking the ocean. I’m essentially an artist for fashion labels, some of the labels I work closely with are Peony swimwear, Rue Stiic, Seafolly, Rider by Lee & Nine Lives Bazaar just to name a few. I have been working in the fashion / design industry for over three years and I have always loved the idea that everyday holds something new and exciting.

Tell us about Wandering Folk?

Wandering Folk is a wild wanderer, a nature lover who has the desire to explore…. Its a printed picnic rug that is more a companion than a accessory. It encourages you to explore the untamed wilderness get out and see nature …or just wander down to the beach for a relaxing day laying around. These picnic rugs are for everyone, they can be for mum’s with little baby’s for when they are in the park, for campers & travellers, for young & old, boys & girls …and most of all for everyone to enjoy and make memories that last. Its born from the idea of making something timeless, something that will last forever and something that inspires adventure.

Why Picnic Rugs?

Everybody loves a picnic …. The ideas started because I couldn’t find a good picnic rug that was durable and lovely to look at, so Wandering folk was born .. I wanted it to firstly be something that was very functional and made of good quality fabrics that are easy to clean and will last a lifetime … secondly for it to be something that is beautiful and you cherish, something that you are proud to own.

Where do you get your inspiraton from? 

Inspiration is everywhere…wow where do i start, I think the biggest problem i have is i have too much inspiration and not enough time in the week. I’m inspired by the blue water and sand stone cliffs that surround the coast line where i live, I’m inspired by the mountains & native flowers that gown just outside of the city.. I love to travel so a lot of my inspiration come from there and just my everyday life.. When I’m not out exploring or travelling I’m working from my little beachside studio …I’m addicted to Pinterest & Instagram which can always transport you to another world while you are still sitting at your desk, this is a constant stream of inspiration at my finger tips.

In what do you believe?

‘Believe you can & you’re halfway there’

What would you do without designing?

If I wasn’t designing I would be a florist, I think I would still have to be doing something creative…as i feel its part of me. I love flowers so much…I always have fresh flowers on my desk and I’m always the one that know’s all the names of the flowers …you will always find me in the garden exploring, I have done this since I was a little girl.

What do you like best about your job?

Everyday is exciting and something new is thrown in front of me, I have learnt so much and there is still so much more to learn…I have such amazing people in my life that have been such a great inspiration and have helped on this journey to bring Wandering Folk to life… My favourite thing about having Wandering Folk is the adventures it has lead me on, I’ve traveled across America with this rug ..I’ve taken it to folk festivals, Picnics in the mountains and it doesn’t seem like work at all… I’m so excited to share it with the world so everyone that has one can experience new adventures like i have.

Do you have a dream project?

Ive been asked this before and its hard to answer as I have so many dream projects …. I feel that Wandering Folk is my DREAM PROJECT!  My dream will come true when I see people enjoying my picnic rug as much as i do …

I’m pretty sure we all will! Thank you so much Sharnee for letting us have a look behind Wandering Folk.

The early bird sale will be available soon (I’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned 😉) but meanwhile go check out Wandering Folk here and follow on facebook and instagram.



Wander often. Wander wide. Wandering Folk is a way of life.