“Support Local Brands” Collection 16/17
photographer Conny Marshaus
models Juli Sabli, Danielle Grosch, Leon Ross & Philipp Gürtler

Behind the Labels – Bohemian Diesel Marketplace

Woodybunch’s latest collection includes some really awesome clothing for women & men, accessories and absolutely stunning living pieces. So I’m pretty over the moon that they are available on our marketplace now!
Check out below what Woodybunch designer Nico tells us about herself, her label and the new collection:

So who are you and what do you do?
My name is Nicola Winzinger and I am an artist. Besides, founder and managing director of the label Woodybunch. After my design studies I traveled Australia, New Zealand and Bali with my backpack and sketchbook for a year. There I had enough time to realize what I wanted to do in the future: travel, design and possess my own
 store. Back in Munich, I founded the brand WOODYBUNCH and opened up the “WOODYBUNCH GYPSY STORE“, where you can find brands from Byron Bay/Australia, Canada, Guatemala and Bali.
The company Woodybunch is a huge part of my personality. All my heart and my creativity are in every detail of the collections that are created deliberately in Bali.

Who is behind Woodybunch?
Quite a few people are involved. A great team from the skate, surf, design, film and photography sectors supports me enormously and represents WOODYBUNCH and its message to the outside. With me, then all the threads run together. Without these threads I would not be able to work.
You need someone who has a vision and friends who support you for years and believe in you and your company. Many thanks to these companions, who have always given me a hand when it got a bit rough.

Where do you call home?
My home is Bali and Munich. 6 months a year, I live in Indonesia
 and the rest of the time in Germany. Yes – I flee the winter – How can one be creative and happy when everyone around is grumpy?

The first piece you designed?
Ohhh that was long time ago. Woodybunch was my diploma thesis at the University of Design in Munich. At the time, H&M supported me with a lot of blank items, which I prepared artistically with my illustrations in screen-printing … This is how everything began.

Who wears your designs?
Our Woodybunch customers are men and women who skate and surf and people who love to travel and value nature. We always make sure that it is cosy and comfy.
The fabrics are extremely soft, the prints hardly noticeable and the labels do not scratch. You slip in and feel good.  

Tell us about your latest collection?
The latest collection is called “Woodybunch – Support Local Brands”. The colors are, as always, covered in natural tones, and the leather and wood details complement the milky warm washings of the fabrics.
The slogan is intended to encourage people to ponder and point out that they support a local brand with Woodybunch. The designs and cuts are made in Munich, the production is based in Bali and we only work with small, family-run companies where everything is produced under fair working conditions.We distribute from our store in Germany and only supply selected, small authentic skate- and surfshops which understand the love and the concept behind Woodybunch.

Who and what inspires you?
The colors and variety of nature. The air, the noises, the structures and the process of growth. Everything takes its time – and that is what nature shows us every day.

What is the best part of your job?
That I have created the possibility to live in Bali and in Germany in order to be able to live my creativity on both halves of the earth.

What are Woodybunch’s future plans?
Hmmm this question is always difficult to answer, as I try to live in the moment and not in the future or in the past. It makes me break out in sweat when I’m supposed to tell what I’m going to do in the evening. I let myself drift, go step by step in deliberate slowness without falling asleep, because everything that will come can change every second. I know this sounds funny for a business, but every other way would not be me and would suqeeze all the breath out of me.

What’s next?
What’s next … At the moment, we are working on the new Woodybunch designs for the upcoming Summer`17 collection, and I am preparing everything thus far that I will be able to fly back to Bali in January to start the production. Choice of fabrics, dyeing, cutting etc. … this process will take about 3 months, after that my best friend and photographer Conny Marshaus will come to Bali to shoot everything for our onlineshop. At the same time, our annual image collection video will be created.
Oh yes and we are currently working on a new online shop, which will soon be available also in English, so that our European customers will be able to order online very easily.

What’s your vision for the future of your brand?
My vision is to open a cozy “Woodybunch Gypsy Store” in Bali too. But as I said: One after the other, step by step. 🙂

Head over to the marketplace now to shop Woodybunch!! logo_marketplace_bohemiandiesel Kopie 2

also, if your close by, don’t forget to visit the store:
Woodybunch Gypsy Store
Heßstr. 47
80798 München, Germany