Both Sides Bridal Jewelry
Phototgrapher Jordan Zobrist
Model Quigley
Dresses Rue de Seine
Flower Styling Tessa

“Moons and junes and ferris wheels…The dizzy dancing way you feel… when every fairy tale comes real. I’ve looked at love that way…” -Joni Mitchell

Both Sides Bridal is a bohemian bridal jewelry collection created by one of our fave influencers, gorgeous Officially Quigley and lovely Lindsay of Sticks + Stones. Their very first beautiful collection was inspired by the iconic 1969 anthem by Joni Mitchell, Both Sides Now. The song itself explores the idea that something can have many meanings depending on your perspective. Coming to terms with the complex nature and duality of love is part of why marriage itself is such a powerful institution. It’s a merging of perspectives in ones life, where the “before” becomes the “after.”

“Joni inspired us not only symbolically, but visually as well. Her effortless style and natural grace seemed fitting for the way a bride should feel on her wedding day. When creating the collection, the 1970s played a huge role. From Joni, to Stevie, to Cher… the Boho Bride can find endless inspiration.”

Pre order the stunning pieces by Both Sides Bridal online here and for more follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



via sticksandstones