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Dreamers & Lovers
photography Sam Landreth
flowers Nature’s Own Fleurish

“Imagine the sun’s heat on your skin, warming your heart after the chill of morning; the sound of the birds and a nearby river flowing, your soul is alive with the wonder of destiny and your spirit’s aglow with love…Imagine being yourself.

If you can, that makes you a Bohemian bride.

The safety of true romance brings out the child in us all, knowing we’re loved allows us to see the world afresh and the colors anew and suddenly the promise of magic is real again, we are children again.

We are all Bohemian brides.

There’s magic, without question, beyond the hustle and bustle and the stress of everyday living, there in your mind, in the morning light.

There’s magic in promising to be yourself and to put love first, in sickness and in health, everyday from here on out.

Wherever love is, there is also the memory of trees, of meadows and the morning sun, of stillness and the great wild world, the expanse of the stars. There’s eternity in love, there’s God in love, there’s the real you in love as well.

At Dreamers and Lovers the only tradition we abide by is the tradition of love itself, more of a necessity (for us true romantics) than a tradition really!

That means putting you at ease, with custom fitted works of art, with simple boho wedding dresses designed to let your spirit shine. We believe that on your wedding day you should have the pleasure of being even more comfortable in your own skin than usual.

We want to express you, express romance; express freedom, express love and we dedicate ourselves to doing that by attending to the details, which enhance nature, enhancing you.

We’ve found a magical place, called Boho, a balance of old and new, comfort and chic. The result is something, which, for many of our brides to be, seems far too good to be true. Imagine the joy of finding that it’s not! It’s real, even on your wedding day, heck…especially on your wedding day: you can be that Bohemian bride!

We are here to make your dreams a reality, no constricting, scratching, torturous, tight-fitting sources of endless stress and worry…rather youthful, free flowing, figure enhancing, soul-flying elegance! We love it. We are Bohemian brides!!

You can let down your hair, you can run, you can lie in the long grass, you’re free and with us, you’re still going to look exquisite: the timeless, ethereal feminine. ……The Bohemian bride.”


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