“Free Love”
art direction Nomad Styling 
photography Enchanted Wedding Photography 
h&m Blondie Hair + Cosmetica 
stylist Renee Enright 
models Fabian Gleeson & Georgie Fitz  


Omg how beautiful is that? Just discoverd Nomad Styling through one of my fav
 instagram feeds The Naked Tiger. And I´m totally entchanted by this amazing 
wedding shoot and video. To be honest I´m not that kind of girl who dreams of 
her own wedding. I never was. But when I look at this it makes me want to have 
one just like this. With an amazing bohemian dress, barefoot, with lots of feathers,
 dreamcatchers, tipis, horns and flowers in my hair. *dream*…..
So if you need some serious bohemian wedding inspiration and styling check out 
Nomad Styling!
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“A nomad, according to wikipedia, is one who roams from place to place hunting and
 gathering. Though I am not roaming from town to town for livestock or greener pastures,
 I am forever roaming for new inspiration, new ways of thinking and seeing things and for
 that ‘perfect piece’. I am inspired by all things beautiful (both obvious and hidden). I am
 drawn to texture and unique pieces that exude character. I style to create a warmth, a 
mood, an indescribable feeling, to help tell a story, and to represent a sense of self……

So this is my story, now let’s get to making yours come to life..”