Woop woop here you go again Abby Brothers! She, actress Brandy Redd, and photographer Molly Stone, are NIGHT SEID.
“We would like to start by saying that we never want to be something were not! We are simply driven and creative women intelligent enough to know what the world has to offer us. The three of us share the same vision and that is: Art can be created and celebrated by everyone. It can change lives, and will never stop developing and evolving around us. Art is the best source of expression and happiness one can have. In our opinion creating is something no human can deny. NIGHT SEID is simply a homegrown collective dedicated to sharing inspiring forms of art with the world.

To start our journey, NIGHT SEID has collaberated with 13 artists, all of them extremely talented and practicing techniques and mediums of their choice. We are excited to share their art with everyone as we are inspired by their work everyday! Each artist offers not only their work, but are all amazing pieces of art themselves with their interesting lives and diverse personalities. NIGHT SEID is about community, sharing creative ideas and working together to bring life to these crazy ideas that our imaginations dream of.
Along with each artists work being offered as limited edition prints, we host pop up exhibitions featuring one or more of our artists work. NIGHT SEID exhibtions offer a night of entertainment, creativity & art that stirs up excitement wether good or bad. We want to combine the worlds of art, skate, fashion and entertainment in an atmosphere that allows us to celebrate each other and our own individual differences that make us all so unique. We welcome all walks of life to our exhibitions and encourage everyone to stay awhile, enjoy whatever awesome band is playing & (if your a really cool person) partake in bringing awareness to our chosen charity that evening. We would like to invite everyone to enjoy finding which NIGHT SEID artist they connect with best and we hope to see you all at a NIGHT SEID event.
Stay Creative, the NIGHT SEID ladies”

via planetblue / nightseid