I fell in love with Chloe Nørgaard a long time ago, even before her hair was dyed, haha yes it think it was somewhen 2011. I found her tumblr page and I started following her through the internet. And some time and a few hair colors later she suddenly was in the latest Planet Blue lookbook. I´m not sure if it was because of that but since then you can see her everywhere. I was so happy, she was more on the spot then ever, the designers newest wild child. What I love about Chloe? I think it´s pretty obvious, it´s her effervescent personality, the vibes she spreads, oh and of course her bright colored hair, (since she got them. I think she was the first person who dipdyed her hair! that girl is so inspiring!) The 22 year old was born in Long Beach, CA , loves to travel, crafting and music festivals, and what you really have to do when you want to know more about her, you have to check out her tumblr Art of Translation, she is really active and you almost think you know her when you follow all her pics. God I love her! I´m sure that this weird beauty is going to have an awesome year and not long to go that you can rank her to the list of top models or maybe she even runs another path, however she certainly has a bright future!