Into the Wild
Helena Vestergaard
Planet Blue - Helena Vestergaard
Planet Blue - Into the wild
Alexandra Valenti
Helena Vestegaard by Alexandra Valenti
Into The Wild - Helena Vestergaardphotographer Alexandra Valenti
Helena Vestergaard for Panet Blue
painting by Alexandra Valenti
Planet Blue - Helena Vestergaard
Into the wild - Alexandra Valenti
Helena by Alexandra Valenti
Lookbook - model Helena Vestergaard Helena Vestergaard in Blue Life
Planet Bue Festival Fashion
Planet Blue lookbook Into the wildlookbook - Into the Wild
Helena Vestergaard for Planet BlueInto The Wild campaign
art by Alexandra ValentiHelena Vestergaard - hair by erin Smith
“let go and escape reality”
“Into the Wild” lookbook
photography Alexandra Valenti
model Helena Vestergaard
h&m Erin Lee Smith Nothing better than waking up to a new Coachella lookbook from Planet Blue.
Especially when it is shot and painted by the incredible Alexandra Valenti.
I actually hoped I would be still awake when Planet Blue releases it, ´cause I 
was really excited when they announced the release yesterday on Instgram.
But daylight savings kind of knocked me out haha.
Loved the one from Planet Blue with Gillian Zinser last year so much! 
But this one is even better! Festival lookbooks are always my faves!
They kind of say: Hello festival season is here, get ready! 
And I mean who doesn´t love festival season?
I visited a bunch of festivals, in Europe, Australia and Asia, the last years, but 
never mad it to Coachella! Oh how would I love to go to Coachella!
Unfortunately this year I have to stay in Europe, but I´m sure it will happen
the next years, it´s on my bucket list 😉(btw this is part 1 of my Alexandra Valenti day today, because there is 
another amazing shot I have to show you)
  via planetblue / pinterest / alyssapizer