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“Naiya”Autumn/Winter campaign
photography Ming Nomchong
model Helena Vestergaard
h&m Ashlea Penfold
styling Marisa Sidoti
assistant Grant Tyrrell

Absolutely in love with Meeshka Jewellery´s latest amazing campaign.
Helena Vestergaard looking like a true goddess in Mish McCann´s beautiful new collection. Featuring signature intricate beadwork, feminine shapes & materials such as braided leather, bone & authentic turquoise stones, Naiya is designed for the dreamers.. Inspired by the journey of setting forth in pursuit of your dreams, with your head in the clouds and your feet firmly planted on the earth.

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From a family of artists, Mish started designing jewellery during an extended stay in India. Having no formal training, yet a natural sense of beauty and aesthetics, she was filled with a desire to create jewellery for women of style and spirit. Her designs found immediate popularity and eventually led to the creation of meeshka jewellery.

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