Spell Designs
“Desert Wanderer” lookbook Summer 13′
Photographer Graham Dunn 
Model Kelley Ash 
Styling Spell & Kelley Ash

After I have been woken up by my little wolf lickin my hand I was having a green tea and checking bloglovin, 
and then there it was: Spell Designs latest lookbook! I have been more then excited for the release of this lb! 
Ever since the first pic on instgram weeks ago! This day is already perfect!! (even if it´s just 6 in the morning).
After their last lb I really thought it couldn´t get better! But working together with Kelley & Graham, which 
already makes a dream team, Spell just did it again! This one just took the first place in my fav shoots.
Spell also tells us that this lookbook is only the first installment of their Spring/Summer collection, and 
there are further lookbooks set to drop in the coming months. Can´t wait for it!

“This season’s hand drawn Desert Wanderer print is a manifestation of all that we love
 about the desert.  Long lost feathers, fallen from a passing eagle, the Thunderbird, it 
is said, is capable of creating storms and thundering while it flies, pulling the clouds
 together with the flapping of it’s wings, the desert rose and the bull skull – 
all re-occurring imagery in our Alter Ego’s wildest dreams.”

Check out the full amazing lookbook here!!!

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