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Spell Designs 
Mid-Season Lookbook Feb 2014“Midsummer Storm”
Photography Graham Dunn
Model Kelley Ash


I just came back from our little roadtrip, unpacking my stuff and like I would have known the first 
thing I checked online was Spells blog. And there it was, like Spell Designs promised, another aaaamazing 
lookbook with my now and forever fav woman Kelley Ash. 
“I read a line once in Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman that went something like ‘it’s always dark between
 the worlds’ – and I always think about that whenever I’m between seasons and the weather gets 
confused and dark and stormy. On the road from one season to the next, or one city to the next, or 
even one thought to the next,  it can sometimes get dark and stormy. I love the latest collaboration 
shoot with Graham Dunn & Wild at Heart’s Kelley Ash for that reason – I can feel the seasons 
Every time Spell Designs releases new designs, a lookbook or whatever I think it is impossible to do it better 
and amaze me more next time but they always prove me wrong! What a big inspiration they are!!!
“Back to normal” really couldn’t start any better.

via spelldesigns

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