Mimi Elashirymodel Mimi Elashirymuse Mimi Elashirybeauty Mimi Elashiry wild child Mimi Elashiry free spirit Mimi Elashiryaussie model Mimi ElashiryJen's Pirate Booty - Mimi ElashiryJen's Pirate Booty Summer 2015 - Mimi Elashiryflower child Mimi Elashiry black and white - Mimi ElashiryMimi Elashiry - San Malo CAMimi Elashiry shot in San Malo CANico Guilis shot Mimi Elashiry find your california - Mimi Elashiry Jen's Pirate Booty lookbook - model Mimi ElashiryJen's Pirate Booty Summer Collection - Mimi Elashiry Mimi Elashiry - hair by Ashley Rae HancockJen’s Pirate Booty
Summer 2015 Collection
photography Nico Guilis
model Mimi Elashiry
h&m Ashley Rae Hancock
design Logan Meckley & Ava Alexis
location San Malo, CA





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