I’m not a winter person. I don’t like the cold and the darkness, being cooped up inside 
and wearing heavy clothes. Ok this year is not as bad as the last years. We don´t have 
a lot of snow and the temperature hasn´t been under minus 10, but still… 
I mean it´s not that I completely hate winter, I really love sking and other wintersports 
but when winter gets to long for me, that usually is around now, I start wishing for long
 and lazy summer days, camping, going to the beaches, campfires, hiking and picnics. I
 just want to pack my things and move to the other side of the equator. Sadly this won´t
 work out for me this year!  
So meanwhile here are some camp vibes for all those who can´t wait for summer.
 No winter lasts forever 😉

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