Bohemian style icons from thence…
Talitha Getty, Vanessa Paradis, Stevie Nicks, Kate Moss, Lisa Bonet, Uschi Obermaier
and Brigitte Bardot are just some of these amazing ladies which give us inspiration
since decades. I think this is like with music, I´m pretty sure in 20 or more years (if that
takes that long) no one will remember all the acts which are climbing the charts at the
moment. But we will always hear and remember the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Johnny
Cash, Madonna…. you know all these great acts which shaped our or our parents youth. Of
course there are a few stunning women with this special sence for fashion in our days which
we will remember in years as well, but do you know what I mean…? So thank you to these
gorgeous beauties for all the style inspiration, self-confidence and mindset you give to us.