I think it´s really hard to show the beauty and creativity of 60s model 
Veruschka in only one post. (So there might come an other one someday)
 I am totally amazed and entchanted by this extraordinary woman.
A woman with so many facets.
So this is my fbf/wcw/muse post this week. 🙂
She was born Vera Gottliebe Anna Grafin von Lehnorff-Steinort in East Prussia to
 wealthy German parents. Her father was a key member of the German resistance and 
his involvement in the attempted assassination of Hitler ended in his execution and 
his family’s new home being a concentration camp until the end of the war. Vera 
studied art and moved to Florence where she was discovered by the photographer 
Ugo Mulas in 1959. After moving to NY in 1961, it was hard for her to get jobs 
because of her height of 6 feet 1 inch.
 She decided to reinvent herself, arriving at go-sees dressed severely, all in black, 
and adopting a far more exotic moniker, Veruschka. The transformation did the 
trick: Soon, everyone was clamoring to work with her. Richard Avedon called her 
“the most beautiful woman in the world.” 
 In 1975 she decided to leave the fashion world for the art world because Vogue 
wanted her to change her image into a more mainstream approachable look for 
the average woman.
Currently she is living in Berlin as a independent artist.
Today, Lehndorff works as an independent artist in Berlin. – See more at:
via pinterest / tumblr / vogue