ISLAND BOHO collection Spell Sahara Maxi Dress Zippora Seven - Sahara-Maxi-Dress Sahara-Maxi-Dress Spell bootsSahara-Crop-top-and-Skirt Zippora Seven - Sahara Crop top and Skirt Zippora Seven at the beach Savannah dress Zippora Seven - Savannah Tback dress Zippora Seven and horse Zippora Seven in Spell Designs dress Zippora seven - Spell Gown in Turquoise Zippora Seven - Island Boho Gown muse and model Zippora Seven beach babe Zippora Seven Zippora seven in Spell Intimates Zippora Seven - Xanadu Intimates Zippora Seven - Spell Skirt production Micheala Macdonnall Micheala Macdonnall Rosario Belmonte Zippora Seven - make up by Rosario Belmonte Luciana Rose Zippora Seven - hair by Luciana Rose Zippora Seven for Spell Zippora Seven by Johnny Abegg Johnny Abegg shot Zippora Seven Zippora Seven - Island boho tee Zippora Seven - Savannah Dress Duster muse Zippora Seven model Zippora Seven Zippora Seven lookbook with Zippora Seven Island Boho lookbook - Zippora SevenIsland Boho - Zippora Seven Spell & the Gypsy Collective "Island Boho" lookbook - Zippora Seven Spell & the Gypsy Collective - Zippora SevenSpell & the Gypsy - Zippora SevenSpell & the Gypsy Collective "Island Boho" lookbookSpell & the Gypsy Collective - Island BohoSpell & the Gypsy Collective Spell & the Gypsy Spell & the Gypsy Collective
“Island Boho” lookbook
photography Johnny Abegg
model Zippora Seven
hair Luciana Rose
mu Rosario Belmonte
production Micheala Macdonnall
music “Cabin in the Woods”written by Obo Martin, performed by The Be Good Tanyas and Jolie Holland

Here it is! The latest Spell collection and lookbook! And it is even more beautiful then I expected it to be! Usually it is not hard for me to choose which pics I post when I discover/get a shoot, but here…oh man! Love those Castaway/Stranded vibes! And Zippora, omg she is such a beauty! Zippy’s photoshoot for Russh Magazine in 2008 was my first blogpost ever (have a look here) and also one of the reasons why I started this blog. Ever since she is one of my fave models and I love following her on Instagram. So I was pretty excited about that lookbook, when I found out that Spell did it with her. But I stop writing now and will continue dreaming of paradise on far off shores… (oh and shopping ;))

Go and have a look at the full stunning lookbook here and shop the latest collection here.

Island Boho from Spell on Vimeo.