Something in my heart died last night
Just one more chip off an already broken heart
I think the heart broke long ago
That’s when I needed you, When I needed you most
That’s when I needed you, When I needed you most

I run around like a spirit in flight
Fearlessness is fearlessness
I will not forget this night
Dare my wild heart, Dare my wild heart

Where is the reason, Don’t blame it on me
Blame it on my wild heart
As to the seasons
You fought from the beginning
Long before I knew it, There was a danger
And the danger was, To fall in love

In dark sorrow
They gaze down into the darkest heart
If I leave you
You say not even you can tear us apart
Say you’re leaving
You say you don’t even know
How to start… how to start… how to start
Well… believe it then
And don’t blame it on my soul
Blame it on my wild heart
Ooo… on my wild heart… Ooo

 “wild heart” Stevie Nicks
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