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An Artefact, a piece of scared past, a dream like state, every piece of clothing tells a story, a nostalgic memory, a cosmic dusted love affair … A story of a lover, a poignant moment, a believer in a time when clothing was not a mass produced Endeavour & there remained the spirit of creating something personal. All That Remains is a heavenly creature, beads, bohemian ikat cloths, intricate & delicate leather, hand stitched embroideries adorn her hauntingly beautiful being. She sheds her everyday life in favour of her longing for the exotic. Each collection a symbolic representation of her true self, a patch work of memories & inspiration discovered in people, places & treasures found in traveling the world & the falling in love with the craft man of another time. Universal language is spoken, the exchange of love is the only blue print All That Remains wishes to leave on this earth, that’s why the commitment to only ever producing less than 50 pieces of any one style will always remain. As a lot of ATR is hand crafted and Individually made, many hours, days and nights can go into each piece of clothing. No two pieces of ATR can ever be the same & they need to be handled with the upmost love and care. An Organisation That we Discovered In Indonesia & If you would like to Give Back: Give Freedom – Please take the time to visit Threads of Life, an Ubud-based organisation, created to sustain the traditional textile arts of Indonesia and to educate the worlds crafts market about the true value of these 
unique textiles.





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