Sugarhigh + Lovestoned Winter Capsule Collection
photographed by Aaron Feaver
starring Natalie Bergman of Wild Belle
at Jimi Hendrix’s old house in Laurel Canyon

This is so perfect! I mean Sugarhigh+Lovestoned always is, but this is beyond everything!
Ever since I discoverd S+L, I think it was two years ago, it has been such a big inspiration
for me! When I look at the evolution they made from the first lookbook to now, it´s almost
like I went with them, on a trip to the 70´s, which always had that bit of inspiration for me
and then somehowit influenced more and more everything in my life. I simply love
everything they aredoing! Even have a big tattoo on my ribs inspired by them! If I had to
name my fav blogs theirs and S+L designer Chloe Chippendales would be right at the top!
Thank you so much for being such a big inspiration!

So what you have to do now 😉 :
First wander in their electric ladyland to shop the new collection:
And then check out these blogs:
sugarhighandlovestoned / borntobewild / stonedimmaculatevintage

“You´ve got to go on and be crazy, craziness is heaven”

with this in mind, have a beautiful weekend! ♡