I was really excited when I heard Gypsy Stone´s website is coming soon. And this morning when I woke up and when I looked into
my email account, there it was: “We´re online” (of course I subscribed right away when I found out there are only 3 days left) 
Can a day start any better?
Gypsy Stone is a bohemian haven in the small town of Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland which was opened 
by the beautiful Lizz Pennings. Growing up around horses and then settling by the ocean side, basking in sea salt everyday and 
opening Gypsy Stone, each item displays the Aussie East Coast girl to a tee. Showcasing local and worldwide independent labels 
exclusively, every-single piece is carefully handpicked and radiates a love affair with life! Lizz set out to create a space where  
local and independent designers, jewellery artisans and fellow creatives could exhibit their work and in return inspire everyone 
who came across Gypsy Stone to do the same! Always a believer in art, every single piece available has a story. Every kimono, 
skirt, tee, hand crocheted goodness, lace, leather, turquoise and silver represents a piece of someones heart and soul.
“The Gypsy Stone girl has no boundaries. She aims high and never looks back. She has a wild mind and “that” look in her eyes. 
She is one with the universe and will always believe in beauty. Fearless because she listens to her heart, a rebellious wanderer
 who loves the ocean, the grass and the sky at night. She loves life and respects mother nature and is here because something 
needs to happen, because she is the revolution”
Celebrating Gypsy Stones first birthday with the opening of our online store, and now a neat little team of 4, this is only 
the beginning, they say. I really hope so! You have have have to check out their new website! You will love it! 
So much beautiful stuff including Sugarhigh+Lovestoned, The Feather Junkie, Spell, Mate Vintage and Bandit Brand.
“We are fearless because we listen to our hearts. Rebellious wanderers who love the ocean, the grass and the sky at night. 
We are here because something needs to happen. Here because we are the revolution.”

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