A few months ago I ran across Idylwild. Thanks to Instagram!
And since then I´m totally obsessed with every single piece of their collections!
They get inspired by Music, Americana, Vintage, The Southwest, Drifting, 
Mountains, Campfires, Deserts, & Night Blooming Jasmine and you really
have to check it out
“She’s learned the lessons of every rock and leaf. She walks in beauty.

Idylwild is a place where effortless California culture goes backstage 
at a Dylan show. We are 100% American-made, 100% Americana. We 
draw our inspiration from rough-hewn rock and folk legends, the salt-
of-the-earth troubadours of our native land, the sights and sounds of 
the 1970s, the open road, spacious skies, and purple mountain majesties.

Idylwild offers vintage-soft cotton T-shirts with graphic designs of a bygone

era. Our touchable and rustic-hued dresses drape and plunge reminiscent of 
a 70s-folk rock-goddess. And every last stitch is California made.

Our muse is a rambling rose, a cosmic drifter of every ten-cent town. She’s

got a restless soul like a rolling stone and a wild heart. She is the songbird 
of the gold rush and the sweetheart of the rodeo. She is Idylwild.”
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