“LEDA’S NEST” SS’17 collection
photography by Elen Aivali

The summer collection SS’17 of Nidodileda tempts us into “Leda’s Nest”, (Nido di leda in latin). It invites us to unravel and explore the brand further, fully communicating Nidodileda’s core background, inspiration, values, philosophy and identity – a nod to the Gemini constellation and the symbolic meaning which was derived from Dante’s comedy, and inspired the name of the brand.

Following the Alpha & Beta AW 16’-17’ collection that truly marked a new era for Nidodileda, “Leda’s Nest” presents the most mature, ultra-feminine side, of the brand – intensifying its appeal with a luxurious touch! The most distinctive collection thus far!

“Leda’s Nest” SS’17 collection is characterized by embroidery, floral pleated creations, unique fabrics and textures, an exquisite combination of colors, and a palette of nudes and pastels, specifically dusty pink, gold, pink-gold and bronze. The collection’s canvas follows a renaissance motif boosting femininity to its ultimate!

Distinctive creations such as the blazer with silk sleeves for chilly summer days or nights, unique sheer bottoms with gorgeous embroidery, magnificent cocktail dresses which can wow the crowd at any occasion, avant-garde silk fringe belts featured around the waist and handmade metallic accessories, the edgy detail for an absolutely impressive style, define the “Leda’s Nest” collection.

Nidodileda, according to Dante’s Comedy, Nidodileda (Nido di leda) symbolizes “Leda’s nest”. Leda was Zeus’s mistress and mother of his twin sons, Castor and Pollux (known together as Dioscuri). Castor and Pollux were awarded a constellation, Gemini, for their brotherly love, and that constellation lays in Nidodileda.

The brand’s core lies in designing handmade clothes, using high quality fabrics and manufacturers, and striving to create a bohemian, free-spirited, and feminine community. The values and dreams of Nidodileda revolve around the essence of freedom and strong femininity; the clothes caress the body and enhance femininity; the brand philosophy urges and inspires our customers to explore, laugh-out-loud, and flourish while enjoying every moment!

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