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My Sunday Feeling “Lilac Haze” shoot My Sunday Feeling - Georgia Pascale Georgia Pascale model Paris taken by My Sunday Feeling photos taken by Georgia PascaleMy Sunday Feeling shoot - model Paris A.My Sunday Feeling "Lilac Haze" - model Paris A.

My Sunday Feeling
“Lilac Haze” shoot
b&w photos taken by Georgia Pascale
film colour photos taken by Melody Jasmine
model Paris A.

“Born out of a farmhouse in Byron Bay, My Sunday Feeling is a label with heart and soul, created with care and love by Melody Jasmine. Growing up in a creative and bohemian household, it was only a matter of time before Melody turned what came naturally to her into a career, channelling iconic times and muses into heartfelt designs, which are either entirely or partly made in her hometown of Byron Bay, Australia. Since its inception, My Sunday Feeling has gained a loyal following of girls who like their clothes as wild as their hearts. Their playsuits for playing in the sun barefoot, whimsical dresses for twirling in the wind and flares for kicking up dust on the dancefloor. Amongst the label’s signatures are the hallmarks of an ethereal and spirited style; energetic prints, clashing colours, playful silhouettes as well as an emphasis on hand worked detailing creating intricate detailed textures. All together each range, released regularly as mini collections and one-off directional pieces, has a story to tell and a sentimentality to feel.”

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