“Lunar Eclipse” A/W ’17 Collection
Photography Champagne Victoria
Muse Quigley

Really excited to share this breathtaking shoot with you today!
Absolutely in love with what mega babe Quigley and the amazingly talented Champagne Victoria created here! Quigley is wearing the stunning pieces of  Nidodileda’s newest ‘Lunar Eclipse’ collection, which are all available online now, yay! {Shop Here}

 “Nidodileda’s AW 17’-18’ Collection derives inspiration from a Lunar Eclipse, which occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned (in “syzygy“) – only possible on the night of a full moon. 

Previous collections tempted us into “Leda’s Nest”, (Nido di leda, in latin) and invited us to unravel and explore the brand further, fully communicating its’ core background, inspiration, values, philosophy and identity – a nod to the Gemini constellation and the symbolic meaning which was derived from Dante’s comedy, and inspired the name of the brand. These collections revealed treasures, the creations of the brand that intensified the ultra-feminine side of every woman – enhancing her appeal with a luxurious touch!

The new collection utilizes the Lunar Eclipses’ colors, moonstones illusion and reflects the treasure’s captivating glow, whilst enchanting us towards a mysterious yet seductive journey.
Gold-plated fabrics, textures conveying illusions of shine, and brilliant shades that sparkle at night, undoubtedly uplift every woman’s femininity and epitomize her glow.
Absolutely divine velvet, embroidered velvet, wool, lace and sequin fabrics dominate the Lunar Eclipse collection. The black-gold shaded blazer, a winter must have, that can also be worn as a dress. Lux-lace, sequin evening dresses, tops & top-dresses featuring turtlenecks and unique bottoms in extraordinary materials!
The collection’s palette features black, grey, burgundy and midnight blue, with gold and silver elements that reinforce the collection’s uniqueness and its luxurious elements, its’ exclusivity.
Nidodileda’s Signature Outerwear pieces are indeed wardrobe treasures, and of course the outstanding Best Seller pieces are making a comeback.
At last, but certainly not least, avant-garde accessories, handmade leather and suede belts, those final edgy details of an absolutely impressive style, complement the collection’s inspiration and complete the “Lunar Eclipse” collection.

We present to you “the stars”, the treasures, to shine bright at night.

The brand’s core lies in designing handmade clothes, using high quality fabrics and manufacturers, and striving to create a bohemian, free-spirited, and feminine community. The values and dreams of Nidodileda revolve around the essence of freedom and strong femininity; the clothes caress the body and enhance femininity; the brand philosophy urges and inspires our customers to explore, laugh-out-loud, and flourish while enjoying every moment!”