Liberation Liberation VintageLiberation - Vintage shopLiberation "Marigold Road" Liberation - models Selena and Rachel Liberation "Marigold Road" by Jon Dragonette Liberation - Denim Babe  Jon Dragonette - models Selena, Rachel & KeithaLiberation Vintage by Jon DragonetteShop Liberation vintageLiberation "Marigold Road" lookbook by Jon Dragonette Liberation
“Marigold Road”
photography Jon Dragonette
models Selena, Rachel & Keitha

“We couldn’t have created anything else even if we tried. Our vintage nostalgia, hard work and above all, experience has gotten us to where we are now. We’ve had the best of times and met some insanely talented people along the way. As part of the original five founders of Backbite, the experience and amazing adventures we had there were invaluable.

 Our friendship has seen us through thick and thin, enough for us to discover, we’re a really great team. Welcome to Liberation: our new baby, and proof that when you’re doing what you love, the result is nothing but pure magic.”

Love everything these babes do!
Check out Selena’s and Rachel’s Liberation here and follow on instagram!






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