New Crop
photography Diana Trans
muse Steph Mod
makeup Tara Marshell Escobebo

Long butterfly sleeves, vibrant hand embroidered floral patterns and colorful birds signifying both femininity and freedom; meet the new short and “summer-fied” version of New Crop’s amazing Woodstock Caftans (first 4 pics). Oh we are dying over this beauty, which is perfect for weddings, festivals, textile collectors, musicians and artists and available on the Marketplace now (here)

Also loving all the gorgeous OOAK Gauze embroidered dresses from New Crop. They are the perfect summer go-to in their super soft and light gauzy cotton. Each stitch is hand embroidered to add some flower power, one-of-a-kind goodness to your summer wardrobe. (available here)

Check out more of  New Crop’s beautiful designs on the Marketplace and don’t forget to follow them on facebook and instagram!!!

 logo_marketplace_bohemiandiesel Kopie 2