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Spring/Summer 2015
photography Adam Rindy
model Kelsey Warman
styling Leila Baboi
h&m Katina Moore

Today I want to introduce Otherworld to you. Otherworld is a line of kimonos, capes and luxury resort wear for the bold, bohemian adventuress. All of their custom prints use photos from the founder’s travels and are digitally printed on luxurious fabrics with the aim to transport you to exotic locales around the globe. Their SS15 collection, Indonesian Tides, is inspired by the colors and landscapes of Bali, Indonesia. Their prints use photos of the lush rice fields in Ubud, the cliffs of Uluwatu, and a Water Temple in central Bali, to name a few.

You can shop the collection here and see all the ways to wear these gorgeous kimonos here!

Or follow Otherworld on instagram and facebook.


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