“Blues Traveler” Free People photography Annie Edmonds  h&m Emily Nickrent model Kelley Ash Free People and Kelley….oh wow I love this!   Their blog was one of  first ones I followed  and it will be one of my favs forever!!! Check it out to shop Kelleys styles! via freepeople


⋙⋙⋙ELECTRIC LADYLAND⋘⋘⋘ Sugarhigh + Lovestoned Winter Capsule Collection photographed by Aaron Feaver starring Natalie Bergman of Wild Belle at Jimi Hendrix’s old house in Laurel Canyon This is so perfect! I mean Sugarhigh+Lovestoned always is, but this is beyond everything! Ever since I discoverd S+L, I think it was two years ago, it has been […]


A few months ago I ran across Idylwild. Thanks to Instagram! And since then I´m totally obsessed with every single piece of their collections! They get inspired by Music, Americana, Vintage, The Southwest, Drifting,  Mountains, Campfires, Deserts, & Night Blooming Jasmine and you really have to check it out!  “She’s learned the lessons of every […]


Gypsy Stardust “She Was The Primeval Ocean” Lookbook photographey Noa Azoulay makeup Jessica Ross  I´m so into this lookbook and the gorgeous Gypsy Stardust babes Jenea and Sarah. Omg these velvet clothes! And those bells! Love everything about it!    Designed for dreamers, wild hearts, witchy women, songbirds, glittering groupies,  free thinkers and sisters of […]


ALL THAT REMAINS Check out the Aussie label!   PHILOSOPHY An Artefact, a piece of scared past, a dream like state, every piece of clothing tells a story, a nostalgic memory, a cosmic dusted love affair … A story of a lover, a poignant moment, a believer in a time when clothing was not a mass […]


Planet Blue Lookbook “Livin´ the Dream” photography Pierre Toussaint model Whitney Brown & Carlos Naude Finally! There is a new Planet Blue Lookbook! And beautiful as always! I´m so gonna get that Blu Moon Jumpsuit from the first pics! ?         via planet blue


I know it´s not the lastest, but this is my favorite planet blue lookbook for the last years! Love all the kimonos, jewlery, colors and the hair! This is so perfect!         via Planet Blue


Festival inspired lookbooks everywhere, I just love it. All these Graphic tees, dip-dyed tees, statement jewelry, cutoff shorts, fringe, flower crowns, studded boots, cropped bustiers, denim jackets, maxi dresses….. If you look at Wastelands March lookbook of cause you see all these essential things again. I really like it and their boho and kaleidoscope concept. […]