One of my fave accounts on Instagram is the one of New Crop huntress Charmie.
It´s so beautiful and inspiring. Following her journeys with soulmate Aaron 
through Asia and America for a while now. Journeys where they chase their own 
creative independence and gather some amazing vintage and tribal jewelry and textiles
for their shop New Crop.
“New Crop is an endeavor inspired by creative independence. All the vagabonds, time
 travelers, makers and tambourine shakers who live and create as their imagination
 sparks. This online space where we share the people, threads and trinkets that take us
 through a journey of cultures or to a past era where we once felt alive. We support
 independent pioneers and makers of their own craft by bridging their work to be seen 
and appreciated as they envisioned it. Every stitch, color combination, pattern and
 technique is completely determined by the artisan.We dig design & culture and we 
gravitate towards the indigenous arts. Maybe one day we’ll be the crazy grandparents
 with lots of stories to tell and an attic full of treasures to explore. Until then, we’re 
currently in transit, hunting and gathering experiences and trinkets.

Check out New Crop´s website and blog
or follow them on facebook, tumblr and instagram


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