Camp Collection
Spring 2014
photgraphy by Jason Lee Parry


Lazy summer days, camping, hiking, river swims, picnics and campfires. 
Totally in love with the camp vibes Jason Lee Parry and CAMP Collection 
creating here. It makes me want to pack my things and travel back to the time 
were we spent our summers in sleep-away camps! 
With CAMP Collection, Tamar Wider, of the 2 Bandits, just launched her
latest endeavor. A women’s ready-to-wear clothing line based out of
San Francisco, CA. 
“Inspired by the summer camp Wider attended while growing up, C A M P Collection
 strives to embody nostalgia, comfort, summer and relaxation. We aim to fill your closet
 with the article of clothing suited for your weekend getaway. Adorned with muted plaids
 and ruffles, this collection is sure to keep you very stylish while rafting down the river or
 having a backyard BBQ. We hope you love it as much as we do!”

Oh yes I do!!!

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