Woodybunch kimonoWoodybunch kimono lilac flower Woodybunch Patchwork throwWoodybunch patchworkblanketWoodybunhc sailorbeard tee Woodybunch men clothingWoodybunch men shirtWoodybunch eagle topWoodybunch kimono redhawaiiWoodybunch womens clothingWoodybunch Kimono womenWoodybunch clothingknifetop woodybunchWoodybunch Gypsy Woodybunch waterfall hoodie Woodybunch longsleeveFree Thinkers teesailors beardte female - woodybunch sailorbeard tee Fallenbrokenstreet hat Spell Designs bell bottomsFallenBrokenStreet men Woodybunch Gypsy StoreWoodybunch stripetopinto the woods Fallenbrokenstreet the marker Woodybunch Summer crewneck female - woodybunchWoodybunch Summer 2015 collectionpantsuit von woodybunch Patrick Freitag border Patrick Freitag  Woodybunch - photography Conny MarshausWoodybunch Summer 2015 collection - by Conny Marshaus photography by Conny Marshaus Woodybunch Summer - photography Conny Marshaus Woodybunch Summer 2015 collection - video David HerbstWoodybunch
Summer 2015 collection
photography Conny Marshaus
models Danielle Grosch, Anna Weissensteiner, Fritzi Feldmann,
Nico Winzinger, Sam Strauss, Toby Haselhoff & Patrick Freitag
h&m Fritzi Feldmann
video David Herbst

Ever since I discovered Woodybunch I’m absolutely in love with everything designer Nico Winzinger creates!
Now Woodybunch released a new amazing collection including clothing for women & men, accessories and stunning living pieces. You can shop those online or in the most beautiful little store in Munich. Woodybunch’s Gypsy Store also is the only shop in Germany and Austria where you can buy my fave australian labels Spell Designs and Fallenbrokenstreet and gorgeous canadian label Jackson Rowe. So go and check it out! 😉


Shop Woodybunch online here or follow on facebook or instagram .


Onlineshop: shop.woodybunch-gypsy.com/
Store: WOODYBUNCH GYPSY STORE | Heßstr.47 | 80798 Munich | Germany |



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