Carly Brown

by Carly Brown photography by Carly Brownshot by Carly Brown photographer Carly BrownCarly Brown - model Lex WeinsteinCarly Brown shotl Lex Weinsteinphotography Carly Brown - model Lex WeinsteinCarly Brown for Babe Scrubphotography Carly Brown - for Babe ScrubLex Weinstein for Babe ScrubCarly Brown and Lex Weinstein for Babe Scrubphotography Carly Brown
model Lex Weinstein

for Babe Scrub

It’s quite a while ago when I discovered this amazingly dreamy collab by dream team Lex Weinstein and Carly Brown with Babe Scrub, and I think it will forever be one of my fave shoots! I stumbled upon one of these pics again yesterday I thought I share this beauty with you for FlashBackFriday! 😉 Oh looove it!

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