photography Elza Burkart model Alexandria Montague featuring Novella Royale for Fauve & Hunter     Wears her wampum beads   She fills her drawing book with line   Sewing lace on widows’ weeds   And filigree on leaf and vine   Vine and leaf are filigree   And her coat’s a secondhand one   Trimmed in antique luxury   She is a […]


photography Sebastian Kim model Ruby Aldridge fashion editor & stylist Ludivine Poiblanc hair Peter Gray makeup Francelle Daly I was looking for this photoshoot for sooo long. Since I saw the first picture I wanted to find out more about the photographer and the model (if I knew it was Ruby before it would have […]


Daisy Lowe for Purple magazine Fall Winter 2008/2009 issue photographed by Richard Bush         via finnsplace


I have no idea why this is the 3rd desert post this week, maybe because it´s really hot the last days? Or maybe I´m just catched by the beauty of the wasteland? However, I picked a few of these amazing pics already for my inspiration posts but now I wanted to show you the whole […]


     Oh how I love these photshoot from photographer Gemma Booth for Foam Magazine! I know it´s not the latest but still one of the most beautiful and dreamiest pics I have ever seen!         via oraclefox


Brigitte Buckholtz shoot by texan photographer Chris Phelps. Found this on tumblr, and thought I have to share it with you. The machting shooting for the fringe jacket issue, haha. 😉         via chrisphelps


Faint Magazine Wanderlust by Mariah Jelena photography Mariah Jelana styling & models Christina Dietze & Rhia Taranto   Mariah Jelena is a fashion photographer based in Sydney and working between Australia Middle East and Asia. Her work is amazing!