Last Daze
“Western Silk”
photography Sven Kristian
muse Neve Caffrey
styling Danielle Solomon
hair & make up Colleen Van Rensburg

I found this shoot on Last Daze (check it out if you haven’t) and god how I love it, those colors and vibes, so so good! Photographer Sven Kristian is a German-Namibian based in Cape Town, South Africa. His career in photography started professionally in 2013. His focus is fashion, lifestyle and advertising, with a key interest in editorial, portraiture, music and conceptual photography. When Sven is not shooting commercially, he is trying to spend every free second doing personal work. I had the time today to browse through a few other shoots he did and I can tell you, you will see more of his work here for sure, it’s amazing! 🙂





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