FlashBackFridayAnOther #11 Fall/Winter 2006photography Venetia Scottmodel Tanya DziahilevaFlashBackFriday - photography Venetia ScottFlashBackFriday - "Dream of the perfect life…" beauty Tanya Dziahilevamuse Tanya DziahilevaFlashBackFriday - Venetia Scottshot by Venetia Scottmodel Tanya Dziahileva“FlashBackFriday”

AnOther #11 Fall/Winter 2006
“Dream of the perfect life…”
photography Venetia Scott
models Tanya Dziahileva, Jake Boyle, Zach Goodman, Ayrton Mayle, Jack Taylor

There are these pictures on tumblr and pinterest that you stumble upon quite often. And you wonder, so at least I do, which photographer took them and where they belong to. One of these pics is the first one in this post. I always loved it but never knew more about it. When I saw it today I had a look a little closer and found this editorial! So happy FlashBackFriday beauties! Enjoy you weekend! xx




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