Linda Spierings shot by Hans Feurer photography by Hans Feurermodel Carmen Kass for "FlashBackFriday" photographer Hans FeurerSasha Luss with photographer Hans FeurerBeverly peele in collaboration with Hans Feurer photography for "FlashBackFriday"model Sasha Pivovarova with swiss photographer Hans FeurerHans Feurer - a real artistLove how swiss photographer Hans Feurer captures his models Kim Noorda on bohemiandiesel.comTanya Dziahileva during a nice shooting Martha Hunt - nice photography by Hans Feurer elle magazine - photo by Hans FeurerHans Feurer doing his job Glamour Italia 2013 Hans Feurerstern magazine 1976 - Hans Feurermodel Erin Wasson


photography by Hans Feurer

Love how swiss photographer Hans Feurer captures his models. You can feel the freedom and see untamed beauty when you look at them! Picked out my fave pictures from 1968 -2014 for you for my FBF today. Including wildchild Erin Wasson, Carmen Kass, Sasha Pivovarova and Linda Spierings.

Happy weekend beauties!




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