Some amazing turquoise stone jewelry from Spell Designs, Vanessa Mooney and others.
Love the color of these stones, it always makes me happy when I look at them.

Here you can read some facts about these stones:

Turquoise is a truth stone, it symbolizes a time to be honest with yourself. Much will be gained when you become still, and see yourself as your truly are.

This stone is a reminder to share your vision and walk your talk!  The truth is very motivating to those ready to hear it. By doing so, you make it okay for them to believe and follow.
This gem stone is a stone of self realization helping you to better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions. It is a wonderful aid in regards to any type of analytical thinking.
Attunes the physical to the higher realms. Aligns all chakras, creating a clear channel for the nurturing and creative energy of this sacred stone.

Protection, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, self expression, creativity, peace of mind, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, honest communication, friendship, love and loyalty. Absorbs negativity.

Turquoise helps to ground the wandering wayward spirit,  while keeping their connection to the infinite open. Many people who have a lot of energy avoid “grounding stones” because they think it will “clip their wings”.  But Turquoise will allow that energy path to remain open.  In fact, some Native cultures held the belief that by wearing it the human mind becomes one with the universe. Those seeking a profound healing of the spirit and soul should wear turquoise.
Turquoise Stone Meaning: Native Americans
The southwestern United States has large deposits of turquoise stone and it was originally used for trade by tribes like the Apache and Aztec. However, the gemstone quickly developed a deeper turquoise stone significance, as well. To the Aztecs, the stone had healing properties that could cure sickness. Turquoise was commonly used in objects that the Aztecs sacrificed to their gods, as a way of requesting good health. It was also believed that turquoise could bring strength, prosperity, and success in battle. Similarly, Apache Indians believed in the turquoise stone meaning that it could give their archers perfect aim in battle. Many Native American tribes in the area believed that turquoise would help the wearer control his negative emotions.