photography by Blue Caleel
styling Chloe Chippendale

/ āl’kə-mē / :
the art of transforming something common into something precious

“Husband-and-wife design team Ashley Lowengrub and Dara Gerson, have mastered the
 art of Alkemie by transforming something common into something precious. By creating
 new jewelry from existing materials in abundance, Alkemie’s mission is to translate 
something that would otherwise be landfill-bound into wearable art.

Capturing and reinterpreting texture from soft organic forms into lustrous metal is an

 integral part in Alkemie’s design philosophy. An Alkemie cuff, ring or necklace first
 starts with an inspiration- a leaf, a starfish, or a one of a kind vintage piece. To replicate
 the texture and dimension of an object, the designers cast through a lost wax process, 
playing with the design, and discovering different light dimensions and form. The design 
process is then culminated in the final casting of the form in a solid piece of reclaimed
 metal. An Alkemie piece is an artistic manifestation reflecting the incredible depth and
 life of natural textures and objects.

Alkemie Jewelry is a brand that pioneers with hopes to change the jewelry industry with

 its social and environmentally responsible practices. They have earned a devoted 
international following based not only on the originality of their designs, but their
 leadership as a socially and environmentally progressive company. All designs are made
 of 100% reclaimed metal & manufactured by hand in downtown Los Angeles, CA.
 Alkemie promotes local living wage and eco-sustainable business practices as a way to
 combat the existing harmful effects and conditions of the metal and gemstone industry;
 including social issues such as children working in dangerous conditions to mine and 
mount stones, as well as environmental issues, like toxic chemicals from mines seeping
 into the surrounding land and severely damaging precious watersheds.

Dara and Ashley’s motivation to live environmentally and socially conscious really comes

 from exemplifying responsibility to their daughters.”

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