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Aloha Gaia Jewelry
“Autumn Vibes” Campaign
photography & styling Dara Muscat

Aloha Gaia is a jewelry brand created by Dara Muscat and Denis Terekhin.

“We love natural raw stones and we adore natural beauty of things that were created by Nature.
We believe in the power of nature, stones, crystals, plants and their health benefits.
We started the jewelry making because we wanted to share natural beauty of stones. We want to prove that the contemporary man can be a modern shaman who is connected with voices of nature.
We are confident that new way of life may be completely in harmony with the ancient wisdom and knowledge about the gifts of nature (stones, plants, trees, elements) on the way to a balanced spiritual life.
We combine strong power of metal with naturally beautiful rough minerals and crystals.
We create our jewelry from the all our hearts, inlaying the most important thing for us: dreams, love, freedom and harmony.”

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