“Backroad Bandit” lookbook
photography Ashley Camper
model Jessie Inchauspe
styling & storyboard Kelsi V (Pandeia)
h&m Chrissy Swink

Grab your keys + close your eyes + pick a place on the map.
Hit the road, your lifeline of adventure & possibility. Take in all that surrounds you.
Live in the present and cherish each moment. View the world as an abundant home.
Live wherever you end up. You belong everywhere you go, even though you won’t
be there long. Follow your inner compass and always take the backroads.

Oh yes this is exaclty what me, my man and our wolf are going to do next sunday!
 Finally! Nothing better than to just hit the road! That might be one of the reasons 
why I´m totally obsessed with this latest Pandeia lookbook.
 Kelsi, jungle dwelling owner & designer of Pandeia was inspired by living life in 
the moment. It was intended to create a sense of freedom, independence and an
 appreciation celebrating life. Influenced by her time on the road…
“The shoot took place on Haleakala Mountain in Kula, Hawaii on my birthday!  
You know you love what you do when you work your birthday with a smile. The model 
was vacationing from Paris for only a few days so we had to shoot in a hurry! All of 
the set and styling are just items that I pulled from my house/personal collection. We
 grabbed a friends van, and set up shotpon the side of a country road.  Birthday cake +
 champagne + funky beats were enjoyed through.  Ranchers would drive by several 
times to check out the action…  It just shows that sometimes being spontaneous is best 
and magic is always around the corner…  I hope this shoot inspires anyone who sees 
it to live life to the fullest, enjoy each moment and to always adventure on.”


via pandeiastudio

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