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Today I want to share the amazing new project of beautiful Takoda from Spirit Tribe, which originally opened in early 2012 on etsy, carrying amazing handmade festival inspired and intentional jewelry, with you!
One week ago she launched a new brand & boutique called Catori Life.
With Catori Life she wanted to create a space where she could bring in not only her own art and designs, but a beautiful collection of many different intentional artists and creators.
Living in the high desert of New Mexico she hand picks and carefully considers each and every item the shop carries together with her dear friend Rachel Zell.
“Catori” is the Hopi word for Spirit. And their hope & intention is that the products, collections and stories inspire you, move you and nurture you. “We believe in living a harmonious Spirit led, inspired & passionate lifestyle… and to awaken the realization and remembrance of the magic in life.”
A huge part of their mission is global healing, and as lovers of the earth and all of her magic, Catori Life is a proud partner of The Eden Projects which means they plant 30 trees for EVERY SINGLE item sold! 2,500 are already planted!
“Every item sold blesses the earth with 30 trees, blesses its maker with income to live on, and blesses its designer with the freedom to live in artistic expression.”

Check out and shop Catori Life here or follow this amazing project on facebook and instagram.


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