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“Endless Summer” campaign
photography Kayla Varley
models Ashley Louise Perich & Ally Walsh
art direction Whitney Bell
makeup Matisse
hair Heather Harris


“Having been raised in a multi-cultural home with both Egyptian and American parents, Jacquie’s distinctive style was born. It is the unlikely combination of these two richly storied heritages that creates her signature aesthetic. The merging of Native American turquoise relics, fossils and precious gemstones, with the Middle Eastern influences of hammered gold, amulets and goddess imagery, is what drives Jacquie’s design philosophy.

On any given day she can be found traipsing barefoot through the Beverly Hills showroom, tending to her ethereal gardens, or carousing with the brand’s ever-growing list of celebrity clientele. Virtually unknown 5 years ago, Jacquie has quickly established herself as a “need to know” designer for stylists and luminaries alike. Her signature body chains and finger bracelets bring a sense of much needed whimsy to the often-conservative world of high-end jewelry.

Jacquie Aiche designs, much like the woman herself, are the sartorial embodiment of ethereal ease… with a just hint of rebellion.”


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