“Endless Summer” lookbook
photography Bliss BraoudakisI´m in love with Love+Leather necklaces ever since I discoverd the Desert Rose
 lookbook and badass babe Brittany Burnett wearing them. So it is defintetly 
long overdue to post about the beauty L+L designer Renee creates.
 “Love + Leather designer, Renee Tobias, is a self taught jewelry designer with a
 passion for creating and an entrepreneurial spirit.She started her necklace line, Love + Leather, to bring bold, unique pieces to anyone
 who wanted to stand out in the crowd. The line symbolizes her vision. She creates
 fashion-forward pieces that fuse Rock + Roll with a little Boho Chic. Think Blondie 
meets Pocahontas with Cleopatra & Lady Gaga thrown in.Love + Leather necklaces make a statement, yet are versatile enough to rock with
 anything from a vintage band tee to a cocktail dress.  By  combining mixed medias-
 meshing wood, metal & leather with pops of bold colors,  she creates statement 
pieces that demand attention!”Shop these amazing Love+Leather statement peices here 
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