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“Firefly” SS16 Collection
photography & graphic design Jeremy Pollack
models Sarah RodebergTaylor Ferguson & Alexis Provini
styling & set design Crista Grasso
hair Pamela Contrerasi
mu Shari Melillo
clothing Free PeopleNasty Gal, Asos & Roxy Lulu

“Inspired by that magical time when the sun goes down and lantern light paints beautiful colors and dancing patterns across the sky.”

Bringing together inspiration from Moroccan and Native American Lanterns, Criscara‘s new Firefly Collection features an exotic array of jewels rich in detail.  With hammered and pierced metals, etched glass, natural gems, lantern-inspired accents, fringe and chains in a color palette that includes vibrant hues and soft serene stones, the jewels have a beautiful glow like a firefly in a lantern from centuries past.

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