follow the sunfollow the sun - dress by Spell Designsjewelry by Rossio Roos - follow the sunnice shooting - follow the sunSabrina feels the nature - follow the sundressed by Spell Designcreative shooting near a village called Tatzelwurmphotography by Andy - follow the sunfollow the sun with bohemiandieselRossio Roos - follow the sunso goodbye summer, welcome fall - follow the sunawesome photos - follow the sunfollow the sun - some inspiration for youboots by London Rebel - follow the sungoodbye summer - photography by Andyfollow the sun by bohemiandiesel.comSabrina and wolf Baku - follow the sunjewelry by Rossio Roos
dress by Spell Designs via The Freedom State
bralet Silence and Noise via Urban Outfitters
boots by London Rebel via Asos
“model” me
photography by Andy

Lazy summer days, camping, hiking, river swims, picnics and campfires….
When we have a summer here it´s very short, maybe just a few weeks. If at all.
And if you have lived in countries like Australia or Bali that is really hard.
So when it´s getting cold I just want to pack my things and move to the other side of the
equator again. Luckily we won´t stay here very long any more.
But there are those rare beautiful late summer days like a few days ago where me,
my soulmate Andy and our wolf took the chance and went on a little hiking trip by
Tatzelwurm (meaning little dragon) in the Alps.
Here are a few photos of that day I wanted to share with you. Wearing my favorite
necklaces from Rossio Roos and my new amazing Spell Bohemian Royale maxi dress.

so goodbye summer. welcome fall.

Bright flame before winter’s deadness; harvest, orange, gold, amber, cool
nights and the smell of fire. The leaves as they spark into wild color just
before they die are the world’s oldest performance art, and everything we
see is celebrating one last violently hued hurrah before the black and
white silence of winter.

boho outfit - follow the sun