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Flawed Collection
photography Steph Segarra
model Cenit Nadir

I have a huge crush on the jewelry designed by Luiny Rivera Gelpí! I stumbled upon Luiny on instagram and immediately fell in love with it! Ever since it’s one of my absolute fave accounts! Luiny just recently launched her latest collection “Flawed” and I thought it was time to share this beauty with you.

Luiny is a jewelry brand created by Luiny Rivera Gelpí, a native Puerto Rican, now based in New York.  She is a self-taught jewelry designer that truly believes beautiful things do emerge from mistakes along the way.
The brand equally enforces the contemporary and tribal styles to create pieces inspired by ornamental art around the world. Every piece is unique in design, mixing geometric and intuitive elements. Conceived in 2003, it has changed over the years, becoming what it is now: a mix of metals, stones and wax techniques creating wearable art for eclectic souls.

You can shop Luiny here and check out the instagram account here