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“Ouroboros” campaign
photography & styling Sally Patti
model Bronte Coops
h&m Luciana Rose
camera assictance Zeppelin Hamilton
fashion assistance Hannah Schmidtz & Paris Fontana
clothing by Studio 57 Vintage & Gooseberry Intimates

How amazingly beautiful is this latest Seawolf campaign!? I’m absolutely in love with it!

Seawolf’s fifth collection, OUROBOROS, exlores the cycle of life, death & renewal through three powerful symbols
The serpent– The Ouroboros depicts the serpent eating it’s tail, a symbol for cyclic regeneration and immortality of the soul.
The eye – vision of the psychic mind & soul
The tusk – An animal’s fighting tusk, a reminder that life is short & to live in the moment.
It pays homage to keepsakes and heirlooms of the Georgian era, and memento mori style jewellery, with lockets & poison vials beautifully engraved with ornate patterns & secret symbols. In the Georgian era when death was not such a taboo subject, beautiful objects and jewellery were created to remind people of their mortality; to make the most of this life & be prepared for what may lay ahead. They accepted that death was part of life’s cycle & to make the most life. Georgian design elements throughout this collection are also infused with a Balinese influence from our wax carver, Made’s own traditional style of floral motif.  Every piece is made with love by a talented bunch of Balinese and Javanese artisans. Seawolf creator, Sarah Brown works closely with them to create each piece from conception to wax carving to moulding then finishing, all in very limited runs. Stones of hand carved black onyx, labrodite, green jasper and white marble combine together seamlessly with sterling silver and 14ct gold plated brass resulting in a collection that is unique, collectable and timeless.

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