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“Pilgrim” lookbook
photography Srinivasa Luxton
model Sally Botham
h&m Ellie-Mae Cahill
styling Jahnavi Commerford & Tara Melis

So absolutely in love with this whole shoot and the amazing jewelry by Kokopilli!

“My path has led my feet to wander across the countryside and my spirit to wander even further.  As I dreamt of exotic incantations of inspiring beauty I was drawn to unearth the treasures of mother nature. Residing in the amazing township of Byron Bay, Australia, I work from my studio at home in the mountains. Kokopilli is based on the name of a Native Indian fertility God & to me is a way to unite the worlds of spirit & body with beauty & meaning. Crystals tell a story that far outlive our own in this lifetime, but that connect us to aeons of wisdom & mystery held within each form. I adorn myself in my own crystal jewels daily & create every piece with love & gratitude. Each of my crystals embodies a unique purpose & beauty of its own and calls a different name to its shores…I hope that you hear your name in the whispers of some of my jewels and that it be a talisman of beauty, love & freedom on your journey… – Jahnavi Commerford”

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