The2BanditsThe2Bandits - Rodeo Queen The2Bandits Rodeo Queen lookbookThe2Bandits - photography Daniel Kincaid The2Bandits Rodeo Queen - Daniel Kincaidphotography Daniel Kincaidmodel Jessica Roffey Jessica Roffey beauty Jessica RoffeyThe2Bandits - model Jessica RoffeyThe2Bandits - Jessica RoffeyThe2Bandits Rodeo Queen - model Jessica Roffey The2Bandits Rodeo Queen - Jessica Roffey Jessica Roffey - styling Coryn Madleymodel Jessica Roffey - hair by Alexis SwainJessica Roffey - make up by Alexis Swain The2Bandits - horsesThe2Bandits - styling Coryn Madley The2Bandits - hair Alexis Swain The2Bandits - make up by Alexis SwainRodeo QueenCoryn Madley Jessica Roffey for the2banditsThe2Bandits
Rodeo Queen Lookbook
photography Daniel Kincaid
model Jessica Roffey
styling Coryn Madley
h&m Alexis Swain

I´m absolutely in love with this latest amazing The 2 Bandits “Rodeo Queen” lookbook. Oh yes, I think I can say this is my fave so far! It takes us on a tour to the Russian River Rodeo, one of t2B designer Tamar’s favorite events to attend. Cowboys, horses, hot dog stands and tons of t2B… Perfection!

“The2Bandits is a Modern Southwestern Heritage Brand and so with the actual designs for this collection, I tried to be literal. I thought, what would a Rodeo Queen actually wear but with a Bandit spin of course.  The whole experience of shooting at the Russian River Rodeo was so real. Horses everywhere, nerves from the contendants, hot dog stands, kids running around with their western gear on. It really conveys  the message of a rodeo on a hot summer day.” – Tamar Wider

Check out the latest The2Bandits collection here.


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