PFYT CollectiveStranded - Strandedphotography Deena Theslow model Aquila Bergstroma shoot for PFYT CollectiveStranded - with Aquila BergstromAquila Bergstromawesome shootinga shoot called the model called Aquila BergstromAquila Bergstrom - Strandedanother great shooting PFYT Collective - Strandeda shoot by PFYT Collective

PFYT Collective
“Stranded” collection
photography Deena Theslow
model Aquila Bergstrom

Oh I love it! This latest PFYT lookbook and collection is just the thing I need now. Deena´s beautiful designs, made of sterling silver, coins, turquoise stones and shells really call up the “island living” and make us feel as if we are on a seaside holiday. Even now when it´s so cold and rainy outside. Thanks Deena 😉

Check out the full lookbook here or shop PFYT here.

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